Wednesday, August 7, 2013


8:30 AM: Clinical Skills Development (CSD) Pre-OrientationKristen Caulfield, MD and Tommy Koonce, MD, MPH - (G202 MBRB) (bring your laptop)


10:30 AM: Computer Orientation and Security - Dennis Schmidt – (G202 MBRB)

11:15 AM: MS1 Class MeetingGeorgette Dent, MD – (MBRB G202)

Vice Presidents of Student Affairs - Josh Dilley and Matt Horn

Honor Court – Cramer McCullen, MS2

Learning Environment – Gary Gala, MD

Student Health - Georgette Dent, MD

Medical Review Officer - Robert Gwyther, MD

12:10 PM: Whitehead Medical Society - Amber Kernodle and Amee Patel, Whitehead Medical Society Co-Presidents - (MBRB G202)

12:30 PM: The Small Groups of UNC SOM Inter-Advisory College Lunch (Lunch Provided) See insert in packet or click the following Page 1 Page 2


Refer to Wednesday afternoon rotation schedule or click here



6:00 PM: Durham Bulls Night at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park

- Sponsored by the Medical Alumni Office and the Larry Keith Advisory Colleges$FILE/whitecoat.jpgHello Dr. Byerley:

Please join us for The Annual School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony on

Saturday September 21, 2013 at 1:00 pm in Memorial Hall

We hope you will be able to attend -

Thank you,