Pre-Orientation Checklist 2017

Please complete the items on this list by the due date specified. Updates will be added to this site as they become available.

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April 2017

Review Student Housing Options.  Submit a request for a roommate here by TBD but as soon as possible

May 2017

Due May 12:

June 2017

Due June 2:

  • Complete summer address form to receive your copy of Blindspot summer reading. (Update: 7/5/2017: Books were mailed June 29, 2017)

Due June 15:

  • Create School of Medicine email account. After creating your ONYEN, you must make sure that your PRIMARY email account is set up according to SOM policy: Failure to set up your account will result in you not receiving important information from the School of Medicine. 

    After you have created your primary med school email account, send a screen shot of your med school email account set up to Ms. Reid at:  We will need this information to set up the listserv for the class of 2021.   

  • Complete Immunization Requirements. The School of Medicine has additional requirements above and beyond the state requirements.  If you are admitted to the SOM after May 15, please contact the if a deadline extension is needed.
  • When School of Medicine Requirements are completed please send the printed and signed records to  .

Bernice L. Mayo
Health & Safety, ERAS & NRMP Coordinator
UNC School of Medicine
Student Affairs Office
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-9535
1001 Bondurant Hall CB# 9535

Fax: 919-966-9930

Due June 19: 

Due June 30: (updated) 

  • Absolute deadline- June 30 to have created your School of Medicine email account.  On July 3rd all communications will be sent to your official School of Medicine email. If you have not received any emails to your account, please contact

July 2017

 July 3: All email communications will be sent to your email account starting today.  Emails will ONLY be sent to your official email address at this point.

Due July 3: 

  • PCC Biographical Sketch form.  Email with questions.
  • Official transcripts submitted to Office of Admissions. 
    • Send final, official transcripts with degree designations, if applicable, from each U.S institution you have attended by July 3, 2017. Forward them to:
      Office of Admissions
      1001 Bondurant Hall CB#9500
      Chapel Hill, NC, 27599-9500.

      If we do not have your final official transcripts by the deadline it may delay receipt of your Orientation materials and may prevent your timely matriculation.

      -- AMCAS will NOT send your transcripts to UNC SOM; it is your responsibility to provide the Admissions Office with your final, official transcripts before matriculation. Please note: your acceptance is contingent upon the successful completion of all course work and degree programs indicated on your AMCAS application or during your interview, and the completion of the immunization requirements for the state of North Carolina and UNC School of Medicine. If you are not in compliance with the required immunizations for the state and the School of Medicine by July 14, 2017, your enrollment will be discontinued.

Due July 12:

  • Lake Weekend sign-up deadline! July 28th-29th - LAKE WEEKEND!!  Follow this link for all the details and the registration form!

  • NEW! (As of 6/5/17) The Day of Service will take place Saturday, August 5th and is led by Nisitha Sengottuvel.  UNC will send student volunteers to The Kidzu Children's museum, Ronald McDonald House, Interfaith Community Kitchen, Blue Ribbon Mentors and UNC Farm at Penny Lane. The times will be a bit different for each organizations (morning and/or afternoon).  Sign up by July 12th here and for questions, please contact Nisitha Sengottuvel

  • Review Academic Calendar for important dates. Updated 7/5/2017

Due July 14: 

  • Complete UNC SOM Forms Packet (Complete electronically through DocuSign- This will be sent to your email address after July 3rd
    Update: Emails sent 7/5/2017
    • You received a link for this packet of forms (5 forms total) to your official medical email address.  Your electronic signature is required on the packet of documents.  
      If you have questions about these
      forms please contact to 
      If you have questions about these
      forms please contact to 
      • Health and Safety Form
      • N95 Respirator Use Form
      • 2017 Confidentiality Statement
      • EPIC Consent Form
      • Technical Standards
      • Exam, Grade or Attendance Policies
      • Lecture Capture/Educational Materials Policy
      • Photo Release
  • Be on the lookout for the Campus Safety form will be sent to your official UNC SOM email on Friday, July 14th from DocuSign.  Please complete electronically via DocuSign by August 1.
    • If you have questions, please contact Emily Cooper, Registrar, at or (919) 843-7097.
  • Complete OSHA Requirements using Internet Explorer Browser. 
  • Complete HIPPA Requirements
    • Send proof of completion of both OSHA and HIPPA online modules to .
  • Review and Complete Financial Aid Forms.
    • Questions contact Financial Aid via or phone 919-962-6118
  • Optional: Complete LASSI (Learning and Study Strategies Inventory)

  • Submit CCI laptop choice.  Do not make a submission if you purchase a laptop from another source, such as the Apple Store.

Due July 24: 

Due July 28:

  • Complete OneCard picture upload. Please make sure that you follow all instructions otherwise your picture will not be processed.  OneCard picture upload must be completed before Friday, July 28th otherwise it will be the responsibility of the student to visit the OneCard office on Main Campus to pick up their OneCard. 
  • Starting at 5PM on July 28th, you can download Examplify from ExamSoft.  
    • Go to:
    • Click on Login Button under "Exam Takers" 
    • Under Item 2, click Download and follow steps to download Examplify on your laptop.  
    • Note: Institution ID: UNCMed

August 2017

Due August 1: 

  • Complete Campus Safety Form (made available July 14) in DocuSign and was sent to your email address.
  • Complete Computer Set-up Requirements.
  • Review GUTS Modules
  • Optional: Review biochemistry content with The Big Picture, Medical Biochemistry by Lee Jansen and Marc Tischler
  • Download Examplify for ExamSoft. See instructions above on July 28th.  

Due August 8:

Purchase items for Patient Centered Care (PCC)

  • Stethoscope from Student Stores.  Can also be purchased elsewhere.
  • Reflex Hammer
  • Tuning Forks (Frequency 256)
  • Diagnostic Kit (includes ophthalmoscope and otoscope) Recommended Kit to purchase (Could also be purchased elsewhere)

Due August 15: 

Due August 28: 

September 2017

Due September 10: