Get Up To Speed (GUTS)

GUTS for Block 1: Molecules to Cells


1.  Students should look at the pretest for each lecture.  If their performance on the prestest is OK, they should be able to follow the lectures.

2.  GUTS material should be reviewed before lectures start.  Lecturers assume that students know the material covered in these lectures and prepare their lectures accordingly.

3.  The material in the GUTS lectures on “Mitosis and Meiosis”, “Basic Molecular Biology Techniques”, and “Principles of Metabolism” will be tested on exam 1.


GUTS Module1 Corresponding Lectures2
Nucleic Acid Structure
Genes & Chromosomes
Purine & Pyrimidine Metabolism
Amino Acids & Proteins
Protein Structure
Hemoglobin, Myoglobin & Neuroglobin
Protein Structure
Transcription & Translation
Lipid Structure & Nomenclature
Membrane Biogenesis
Lipid Metabolism
Cell Membranes
Membrane Biogenesis
Complex Carbohydrate Structure & Nomenclature
Glycoproteins, Proteoglycans & Glycolipids
Isabell’s Developmental Delay CC
Carbohydrate Metabolism
Mitosis & Meiosis

Genetics, Cell Cycle and Cancer Biology

Principles of Metabolism
Carbohydrate Metabolism

Basic Molecular Biology Techniques


  1. The videos for each module are streaming from the OIS QuickTime Streaming Server at a data speed that should be compatible with DSL Lite and greater connections. Quicktime 7 is required to view the videos. Headphones are recommended for listening to the videos.
  2. This lecture and subsequent lectures in this series assume that you have mastered the information in the corresponding GUTS online module.  If you have not previously mastered that information as an undergraduate, it is recommended that you review the online GUTS module before coming to class.

GUTS for Block 2: Structure and Development

A self-study GUTS Powerpoint file will be posted before the course begins October 14.


GUTS for Block 3: Integrative Function and Its Cellular Basis

All GUTS lectures for Block 3 will be provided on the curriculum website in advance of the Block, and there will be an optional "live" GUTS question and answer session on the first day of the Block that covers the videotaped material for all three GUTS lectures. The GUTS lectures themselves will only be provided in video format.

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