Student Services

Reaching a Student in Class

For emergencies, contact Student Affairs at 919-962-8335.

Index of Frequently Searched Student Services

Search an alphabetically organized list of frequently-searched student services.  Listing includes names of services or conditions that may require a service. Index of Student Services

Services for Students with Disabilities

UNC School of Medicine supports services for students with physical and learning disabilities.  Learn more about these services


Advisory Colleges, Student Advocates, Career Advising, and Support

UNC School of Medicine recognizes that medical school is a rigorous process requiring many decisions.  UNC is proud to offer a variety of support systems and networks to assist students.  Learn more.


Main Campus Resources and Facilities

The university provides an array of resources and services that medical students can access.  Learn More
Frequently searched services include:

Health Sciences Library

The UNC Health Sciences Library (HSL) provides a host of resources, including medical school textbooks.  Learn more

Glossary of Terms

Medical School can be tough, potentially made more difficult with its distinct lexicon.  For quick translations, consult the student-generated Medical School Glossary. Medical School Glossary.