Parking Application Process for 3rd and 4th Year Students

Parking Application Process for 3rd and 4th Year Students

Parking is available for third and fourth year medical students who are
participating in rotations at UNC. Parking is also available to rising third year students who are studying for the boards.

Students should apply 4-weeks in advance from the date the permit is needed. You may apply for 8
consecutive weeks of parking at one time.

Students should contact Shawn Richardson (), at 962-8335 or 962-8336, to start the paperwork; however, the application will not be processed until payment has been received.  Ms. Richardson will pick up the
parking permit from the Security Office for you, if given at least a week notice. PLEASE NOTE THAT APPLICATION IS NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE AT THIS TIME, YOU MUST CONTACT SHAWN TO BEGIN THE PROCESS.

To complete the parking application, you will need the following

  • Name of your liability insurance carrier
  • Expiration date and policy number
  • License plate number
  • Make, model, color, and year of your car

Please inform Ms. Richardson whether you would prefer to pickup your parking
permit from your mailbox or from the Office of Student Affairs.

Your UNC One Card is used to access all gated lots. If your One Card does not
work, please call Lisa Stout at the Parking Office.  Her number is


UNC Hospitals provides 24 hour shuttle service, available at the front
of the hospital, if you are here after dark and need a ride to your car.

If any questions please feel free to call the Student Affairs Office at
the number above.