UNC MD-PhD alums have taken their education around the country.  Below are listed our alums since the UNC MD-PhD program was granted an NIH MSTP award.


Class of 2001

Daniel Fried
Residency: UNC-CH, Radiation Oncology
Current: Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology, Wake Forest University

Daniel Wessell
Residency: Washington University, Radiology
Current: Assistant Professor, Radiology, Washington University

Victoria Lee-Cressman
Residency: Columbia, Psychiatry
Current: Assistant Professor, NYU

Michaux Kilpatrick
Residency: UNC-CH, Neurosurgery
Current: Physician, Neuroscience and Spine of the Carolinas, Gastonia, NC


Class of 2002

Kimberly Gush
Residency: UNC-CH, Pediatrics
Current: Owner and Medical Director, Village Pediatrics, Chapel Hill, NC

Paul Armistead
Residency: Brigham-Women’s, Internal Medicine
Current: Assistant Professor, Hematology/Oncology, UNC-CH


Class of 2003

Jonathan Berg
Residency: Baylor, Medical Genetics
Current: Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics, UNC-CH

Elaine Gilmore
Residency: Yale, Dermatology
Current: Assistant Professor, Dermatology, University of Rochester

Jeffrey Hodgin
Residency: Columbia University, Anatomic Pathology
Current: Clinical Lecturer, Pathology, University of Michigan

Joshua Knowles
Residency: Stanford, Internal Medicine
Current: Research Fellow, Cardiology, Stanford University

Brian Poligone
Residency: Yale, Dermatology
Current: Assistant Professor, Dermatology, University of Rochester


Class of 2004

Patrick Hines
Residency: CHOP – Penn, Pediatrics
Current: Assistant Professor, Critical Care Medicine, Children's Hospital of Michigan

Jeremy Ackerman
Residency: SUNY-Stonybrook, Emergency Medicine
Current: Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine, Emory School of Medicine


Class of 2005

Jason Merker
Residency: Stanford, Clinical Pathology
Current: Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellow, Stanford Medical Center

Randy Kimple
Residency: UNC-CH, Radiation Oncology
Current: Faculty, Univ. Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Noah Hoffman
Residency: U of Washington, Pathology
Current: Assistant Professor, Laboratory Medicine, Univ. of Washington

Aylin Ulku
Residency: Yale, Med Peds
Current: Family Physician, Internist, Waterbury CT

Carol Albright
Residency: Duke, Internal Medicine
Current: Hematology/Oncology Fellow, Wake Forest University

Kathyrn Akong
Residency: UCSD, Med-Peds
Current: Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine Fellow, UCSD

Michael Solle
Residency: UNC-CH, Diagnostic Radiology
Current: Neuroradiology Fellow, UNC-CH


Class of 2006

Donna Culton
Residency: UNC-CH, Dermatology
Current: Assistant Professor, Dermatology, UNC-CH

Jill Farhner
Residency: Duke University, Pediatrics
Current: Clinical Genetics Resident, Johns Hopkins

Mitchell Gore
Residency: UNC-CH, ENT
Current: Rhinology & Skull Base Surgery Fellow, UNC-CH

Yueh “Ray” Lee
Residency: UNC-CH, Diagnostic Radiology
Current: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy, UNC-CH

Jennifer Morrison
Residency: UNC-CH, Internal Medicine
Current: Endocrinology Fellow, Univ. Colorado- Denver

Michael Rosenthal
Residency: Brigham-Harvard, Radiology


Class of 2007

Christopher Parham
Residency: UCSF, Radiology

Gavin Henderson
Residency: UNC-CH, Pediatrics
Current: Neonatology Fellow, UCSF

Gregory Hong
Residency: University of Virginia, Internal Medicine
Current: Endocrinology Fellow, University of Virginia

Eric Meissner
Residency: U of Washington, Internal Medicine
Current: Fellow, NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Bradford Powell
Residency: Florida, Pediatrics
Current: Genetics Residency, Texas Children’s Hospital

Christian Wysocki
Residency: Yale, Internal Medicine
Current: Allergy & Immunology Fellow, Yale


Class of 2008

Alisa Alker
Residency: UNC-CH, Internal Medicine
Current: Infectious Diseases Fellow, UNC-CH

Daniel Herman
Residency: U of Virginia, Physical Medicine - Rehabilitation

Tim Moran
Residency: UNC-CH, Pediatrics

Peter Nicholas
Residency: Duke University, Ophthalmology

Daniel Oh
Residency: Duke University, Radiation Oncology

Demetra Stamm
Residency: UC-Davis, Psychiatry


Class of 2009

Michael Allingham
Residency: Duke University, Opthamology

Casey Clements
Residency: Mayo Clinic, Emergency Medicine

Jed Ferguson
Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital, Internal Medicine
Current: Research Fellow, Division of Urologic Surgery

Mileka Gilbert
Residency: Virginia Commonwealth University, Pediatrics

Jennifer Gilner
Residency: Duke University, Ob-Gyn

Paul Gohlke
Residency: University of Alabama Birmingham, Radiology

Ben Harvey
Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital, Radiology

Chad McCall
Residency: Johns Hopkins, Pathology

Mattie Nicholas
Residency: UNC-CH, Dermatology

Marielle Yohe
Residency: Connecticut, Pediatrics

Mohammed Zayed
Residency: Stanford, Vascular Surgery


Class of 2010

Jason Clayton
Residency: Tufts, Pediatrics

Tamara Moyo
Residency: Vanderbilt, Medicine

David Rosen
Postdoc: Sheps Center, UNC-CH


Class of 2011

Kari Hacker
Residency: UNC-CH, OB-Gyn

Reem Hasan
Residency: U Michigan, Medicine & Pediatrics

Yolanda Huang
Residency: Columbia University, Anesthesiology

Caroline Lee
Residency: Duke University, Medicine & Pediatrics


Class of 2012

Lillian Brown
Residency: University of California- San Francisco, Internal Medicine

Leon Coleman
Residency: UNC Hospitals, General Surgery

Soren Johnson
Residency: Wake Forest, Pediatrics

Adam Kimple
Residency: UNC Hospitals, Otolaryngology

Bob Mango
Residency: St. Louis University, Internal Medicine

R. Sean McNally
Residency: University of California- Irvine, Plastic Surgery

Jason Simmons
Residency: University of Washington- Seattle, Internal Medicine

Nate Sowa
Residency: UNC Hospitals, Psychiatry

Kwun Wah Wen
Residency: University of Pennsylvania, Internal Medicine


Class of 2013

Amir Aghajanian
Residency: UNC Hospitals, Internal Medicine

Kathryn Cappell
Residency: Stanford University, Internal Medicine

Elizabeth Hoffman
Residency: UNC Hospitals, Psychiatry

Adam Kole
Residency: Yale, Radiation-Oncology

Anthony Law
Residency: University of Washington- Seattle, Otolaryngology

Rebekah Nash
Residency: UNC Hospitals, Psychiatry

Sarah Rogan
Residency: University of Texas at Galveston- Medical Branch, OB-GYN

Christopher Welch
Residency: UNC Hospitals, Otolaryngology


Class of 2014

Isaac Chan
Residency: Boston University, Internal Medicine

George Chao
Residency: University of Pennsylvania, Radiation Oncology

Meg Duncan
Employment: Alkermes, Associate Director, Economics, Value Evidence & Outcomes

Jason Goldsmith
Residency: Michigan, Internal Medicine

Katy Liu
Residency: Duke, Opthalmology

Justin Low
Residency: University of Washington- Seattle, Neurology

Alex Raines
Residency: Brown University, Med/ Peds


Class of 2015

Dustin Bosch
Residency: University of Washington, Pathology

Meagan Deming
Residency: University of Maryland, Internal Medicine

Christopher Dibble
Residency: Washington Univ - St. Louis, Neurosurgery

Michael Durando
Residency: Emory, Internal Medicine/ Research Track

Jerome Federspiel
Residency: Johns Hopkins, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Thomas Jarrett
Residency: Case Western, Emergency Medicine

William Jeck
Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital, Pathology

Patricia Lenhart
Residency: University of Colorado - Denver, Pediatrics

Ryan Phillips
Residency: Johns Hopkins, Radiation Oncology

Reid Roberts
Residency: Maine Medical Center, Emergency Medicine

Naman Shah
Residency: UCSF/Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, Family Medicine

Erin Steinbach
Residency: UNC Hospitals, Internal Medicine


Class of 2016

James Byrne
Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital, Radiation Oncology

Rushina Cholera
Residency: UNC Hospitals, Pediatrics

James Green
Residency: University of Nevada, Family Medicine 

Kathryn Hacker
Residency: UNC Hospitals, Urology

Christopher O’Conor
Residency: Washington University, Pathology

Elliott Robinson
Post-doc: Caltech, lab of Dr. Viviana Gradinaru

Nicholas Taylor
Residency: New York University, Dermatology

Audrey Verde
Residency: Stanford, Radiology