Program Teams

A family within a family.

Upon joining our program, first year students are drafted into one of the five student teams at the annual Program Retreat. This draft usually takes place as the trivia game "Three Truths and a Lie" about each of the incoming students, and teams that guess the lie correctly win the lucky student as a teammate. Teams are composed of students from each year in the program, and serve as a built-in mentoring and support system throughout training. While our program is small enough that students all know each other, teams provide a subset of the program that you know well and can feel comfortable asking questions about anything you may need. 

As the UNC MD-PhD Program is truly a student run program, each team is in charge of several events during the academic year. Additionally, every team chooses a service project to complete each year as their way to give back to the surrounding community. Examples of service projects in the past include building homes with Habitat for Humanity, cooking and serving meals at the Chapel Hill soup kitchen, volunteering at the DNA Day 5K, maintaining the trails in Battle Park, cooking and cleaning at the Ronald McDonald House, and more. 

The Teams