Lecture Series

During the clerkship students will participate in many different interactive sessions:

Core lectures on topics that will be included on the UNC Medicine Exam.  All students will participate in these core sessions during the first 4-week rotation, either with a live session (at UNC and some AHEC sites) or by watching the videos on the clerkship website.  More information on these topics can be found here:

Professor Rounds at UNC involve case presentations by students on patients with a disease process based in a particular specialty (Cardiovascular, Respiratory, GI, Renal, Rheumatology, Infectious diseases, and Hematology / Oncology).  The purpose of these sessions is to have students learn clinical reasoning using a case-based format and to examine common diseases in detail.  Students are assigned to present on a given day.  A subspecialty attending will help run the session.  More details on Professor Rounds.

Lectures or case-based sessions on other important medicine topics.  These will be given at UNC and at all AHEC sites throughout the clerkship.

The Humanities in Medicine Seminar will give you a chance to reflect with your classmates on incidents that spark a visceral reaction in you during the clerkship.  More information is available here.  An optional reading for inspiration: The Good Doctor

In addition, students will attend other Departmental educational activities including Morning Report, Grand Rounds, M&M Conference, and Resident Noon Conference.  For details, please see here.