VPN 2-Step Verification Instructions

As of September 18, the UNCCampus VPN now uses Duo 2-step verification instead of the second username and password that was previously used to connect. If you have used VPN in the past for access to secure campus resources such as network drives or in order to connect to your campus computer using Remote Desktop, you’ll need to register for 2-step verification via the ONYEN web site (click Register & Manage 2-step verification) if you haven’t already done so. 

With Duo configured, you’ll type your ONYEN and password just as before. However, instead of typing the second password “lightandliberty”, you’ll enter a Duo command (typically “push”) in the Second Password box in order to have the Duo service prompt you in the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone. Alternately, you can use the command “sms” to have Duo send you a 2-step login code by text or “phone” to have Duo call your registered phone number. When you respond appropriately to the push notification, enter the code sent by text, or confirm by phone, the service approves your VPN login. 

Details about connecting to the VPN using each of these methods are available on the campus Duo help page here (click the VPN tab for VPN-specific login information).

Please feel free to contact us at dom-is@med.unc.edu with any questions you may have about Duo in general or this change to the UNC VPN service.  You can also call the UNC campus helpdesk line, 962-HELP, for assistance with Duo 2-step verification.