Clinic Orders

Tips and instructions for using Epic at the clinic

Preference Lists

Ordering lab tests and imaging studies can be done more efficiently and accurately by using Preference Lists... the built-in list that you see by default has presets and defaults that may not work for many of your orders, depending on when the specimen is being obtained. While the items in the list itself are not editable, you can add items as well as build your own Preference List. There are several ways to do this:

  • Incrementally... use the default list to select orders, make the necessary corrections in Status, Class, etc;, then click the "Favorites" icon beside the order.
  • Use the Preference List Composer to import/merge another user's list (no permission required)... if you already have some items in your list, merging will preserve these entries while adding the selected list.
  • Use the Preference List Composer to build a list from scratch, or organize/edit those added by the above methods.

Lab Orders: *** Note that the "Status" setting has changed, effective April 25th ***

  • Status: Normal for tests performed as part of the current visit, and for "Point of Care" testing.
  • Status: Future for tests to be performed anytime after the current visit.
  • Class: Clinic Collect for all tests in which the specimen will be obtained at Meadowmont.

Echocardiography Orders

  • Status: Future for all studies, regardless of whether the future is 10 minutes, 10 days or 10 weeks later.
  • Priority: Routine for all studies
  • Class: Clinic Performed (at the present time, this is not critical, but not a bad idea)
  • Questions:
    1. Reason for Exam: tells the tech what you're looking for (this is not the same as the associated Visit Diagnosis)
    2. Where ... performed? Meadowmont must be specified! (or the order won't get to the right people)
  • Sched Inst: Lets the front desk know when to schedule the exam.
Tips for properly ordering an echocardiogram at the Meadowmont Cardiology Clinic

ECG Orders

  • Status: Normal if the ECG is being done as part of the current visit.
  • Status: Future if the ECG is to be done on another day.
  • Class: Clinic Performed
Tips for properly ordering an ECG at the Meadowmont Cardiology Clinic