Clinical Research

The clinical trials groups within the Division of Cardiology bridge the realm of bench science with that of daily clinical care rendered to patients within our healthcare system. Through clinical trials, its investigators and trials staff provide the mechanism for the collection of data to determine the efficacy and safety of new pharmaceuticals and devices. Trial recruitment and management is critical to the success of the program, and relies heavily on the independent work of study coordinators. Ethical considerations must be paramount, as our first priority is patient safety - therefore there are significant regulatory requirements (internal to the university, as well as to numerous external agencies).

There are two distinct groups managing clinical trials within the Division of Cardiology – the heart failure group and the cardiology clinical trials group. In addition, several faculty members’ work on investigator initiated research, employing clinical and administrative staff, interns, and work study students to assist. The cardiology clinical trials group manages a complex array of industry-sponsored, federally-funded, and investigator-initiated trials across the various disciplines within cardiology, including cardiac electrophysiology, interventional cardiology, advanced heart failure, and general cardiology. Provided below is a listing of the current clinical trials in cardiology.

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Current UNC Cardiology Clinical Trials by Subspecialty

Cardiac Electrophysiology

General Cardiology

Interventional Cardiology

Heart Failure