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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Medicine Residency Program is to foster the development of outstanding internists. Under the guidance of dedicated faculty who value resident autonomy, residents become skilled in the care of patients in both the inpatient and ambulatory settings. Residents learn compassionate team-based care, always mindful of the best evidence to support clinical decisions. Guided by a strong sense of altruism, our residents embrace the concepts of life-long learning and teaching.


Thank you for your interest in the UNC Internal Medicine Residency.  We hope that this site is helpful in your pursuits for further education, training or academic practice.

At UNC, we boast the highest standards of patient care, compassion and resident training in the field of internal medicine.  We are committed to constantly re-evaluating and improving on the many facets of delivering both first tier medical care and resident education, resulting in a dynamic and intellectually invigorating learning environment.  As a major public tertiary care center in the state of North Carolina, which itself boasts many diverse cultures, residents are exposed to a wide breadth of patient populations and pathology.  Residents are the heartbeat of our 780 bed facility and are encouraged to practice autonomy within the scopes of their resident level.  Attending-resident relationships are designed to be flexible around the resident's own comfort level, with the attending often taking a consultant role.  As a result, UNC residency graduates are universally regarded as skillful and efficient health care providers in any field they chose to pursue.

We welcome you to peruse the remainder of our website and see the many strengths that keep UNC at the forefront of Internal Medicine.  If you find UNC to have every aspect of great training, education, opportunity and life outside of work, we welcome you to visit our great hospital.  Please feel free to contact our program coordinator for more information on any aspect of our department.  We would love to see you in Carolina Blue.