Romin Bonakdar, MD

Romin Bonakdar, MD


Undergraduate: Duke University
Medical School: University of North Carolina School of Medicine


Charlotte, NC

Career Interests


Although he has the fondest of memories of the 4 years he spent as an undergrad at Duke, Romin has fully opened his heart and adopted UNC as his new home. As a UNC med school graduate, Romin excitedly stayed aboard for his residency and plans to remain for his nephrology fellowship. He loves living in the area, with the ability to see broadway shows at the Durham Performing Arts Center, explore the exploding craft beer scene, and be within a short drive of several great weekend getaways including the mountains of Asheville and the NC coastline. His hometown of Charlotte being among these allows him to regularly watch his Carolina Panthers live. He is particularly well-known among his class for his enthusiasm for hugs and food. His hearty appetite led him to complete a restaurant challenge involving a 7.5 pound burrito prior to an overnight surgery shift in medical school. If he wasn't a doctor, his dream job would be to take over as host of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. 

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