Colon Cancer Screening Patient Education Video

We have designed a patient education video to help average risk patients ages 50-75 understand the importance of colon cancer screening and the options for how to be screened. The video is designed to be used in conjunction with a visit to the patient's health care provider. The copyright is held by the UNC School of Medicine. We are making it available here for educational and research purposes only. Practitioners, researchers, or educators interested in testing or using the video can contact us at UNC by e-mail for additional information.

You will need QuickTime installed on their computer to play the video.

The video itself can be downloaded by right-clicking HERE and select "Save Target As". The file is 61.4 Mb.

To play the video using streaming Real Video click HERE Again, you will need a fast connection. When played on a modem connection, it gets very choppy.

Please send me feedback about the video.