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Greetings MED Alumni!

I am extremely proud to welcome you to attend the 40th year celebration for the Medical Education Program here at UNC! Each and every one of you is a testimony to the academic success that occurs for the graduates of this prestigious program. All of you are still acting as ambassadors for MED as many of the students who apply tell us that they heard of the program from someone who had participated in the program.

Since the inception of the MED program, there have been over 2700 students who have completed the program, and we would like to be able to contact as many of you as possible because we want this program to continue to thrive and excel in developing talent.

This 40th year reunion will serve as an important opportunity for everyone who benefited from the MED program experience to come together. Please join me and your fellow MED alumni in connecting, celebrating, remembering and sustaining this most important Carolina tradition.

We have planned two separate events for you to consider attending with one being a very informal cook out on May 31 and a semi-formal banquet to occur of July 26th. Please check on the schedule below for more details.

On behalf of the UNC School of Medicine - Office of Special Programs, its staff, and students, we look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories of your times in the MED program. Hope to see you all soon!

Cedric M. Bright, MD, FACP
Director, Office of Special Programs
Assistant Dean, Admissions

MED 40th Anniversary MED Gala

Friday, July 25, 2014 | Cocktail - 5:00pm, Dinner and Programming - 6:00pm

Long are the days since many of us have gathered together, but our thoughts here at the MED program have constantly been on a special day in which former MED students, faculty, and administrators could reunite and share past memories and present successes. Therefore, please join the 2014 MED class, alumni, faculty, friends, and affiliates of MED for the the 40th Anniversary Gala as we celebrate 40 years of success, and recognize the achievements of past MED participants and accomplishments of the program.

This special event will be held at the George Watts Hill Alumni Center, with cocktails beginning at 5:00pm and dinner at 6:00pm for MED Alumni. We are also inviting present and past administrators, faculty, and staff to attend as well. In addition, this banquet will be in honor of the late Mr. Larry D. Keith, who provided outstanding leadership of the MED program for over eighteen years.


To register for this banquet, please click here or copy and paste this link into your browser: Guest(s) must register and complete payment separately.

  • If you are UNC affiliated, please login with your ONYEN and Password.
  • If you are not UNC affiliated, please select "Continue without Login" and register with your email.

 Deadline to register is Friday, July 18, 2014 at 5pm.

  • MED Alum 2008 - 2013: $25
  • MED Alum before 2008: $40
  • MED Teaching Assistant 2008 - 2013: $25
  • MED Teaching Assistant before 2008: $40
  • MED Guest of Alum 2008 - 2013: $25
  • MED Guest of Alum before 2008: $40

Sponsoring 2014 MED students for the Gala

If you would like to support 2014 MED student(s) for their attendance to the gala, you have the option to sponsor an individual student or purchase a table that will seat 10 of our students.

  • $40 will cover a sponsorship of one student.
  • $400 will cover sponsorship for a table of 10 students.

If you would like to sponsor an individual student or purchase a table, please donate through the following options:

Thank you for your support of these students and our program! 

Places to stay:

Aloft - Chapel Hill
1001 Hamilton Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
(919) 932-7772

Carolina Inn
211 Pittsboro St, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Courtyard Chapel Hill - Marriott
100 Marriott Way, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
(919) 883-0700


In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the MED Program, we would like to collect and compile stories, photos, and quotes of your MED experiences. We would like to share these memories with all of the MED family and friends as we remember the past, celebrate the present, and look forward to the future of this program.

40th T-SHIRT Contest

We would like to have a 40th MED Program t-Shirt available for purchase for MED alumni and affiliates. We are inviting MED alumni to create t-shirt designs that our current MED 2014 class will select for the final t-shirt. If you are interested in submitting a design, please see specifications below. More information for the purchase of the t-shirt will be provided after selection of the t-shirt.

T-Shirt Design:

  • Must include "MED" and anything related to the 40th Anniversary of the program
  • Please indicate if design is only on the front, or front and back.
  • Send designs in JPEG format if possible (if not, provide in PDF)
  • Deadline to submit t-shirt designs is Sunday July 6 at 5pm. Please email to


Please email with any photos you have from during the MED program. In your subject line, please list "MED40: Pictures"

  • If possible, please send your photos in JPG format.
  • Identify people in your photos.
  • Indicate MED year
  • Describe the photo or attach a story (if applicable)


Please provide any stories, quotes, or special MED memories you would like to share that may be included in 40th Anniversary related presentations/booklets, etc. Please click the link below:

Video Recording: If you can't make it to the event, you can still be there in spirit! Feel free to submit a video clip/recording about specific memories, tribute to the program, etc. and email or send through dropbox. If you have any questions please let us know.



 Saturday, May 31, 2014 | 6:30 PM


 This event is the initial kickoff for the 40th Anniversary Reunion of the Medical Education Development (MED Program). Please join our 2014 MED Class and other MED Alumni, faculty, and other affiliates on this special occasion!


Ram's Village Plaza (next to Ram's Village Building 2)

550 Paul Hardin Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Registration Details

  •  Registration for this event is now closed.