Welcome to the Outpatient Internal Medicine Clerkship

***Please note: the Outpatient Medicine Clerkship has changed, and is now the Primary Care Clerkship. You may find information about the new course in Sakai. Contact us with any questions!

Welcome to IM3, the Internal Medicine Outpatient Clerkship. During this clerkship you will spend four weeks in one or more clinics working directly with faculty physicians as they see their own patients. The preceptors at all clinical sites will encourage you to become actively involved in the care of the patients. Under close supervision, you will take primary responsibility for several patients per half-day session by seeing the patient on your own, presenting to the preceptor, and then returning to the patient with the preceptor to initiate the diagnostic and therapeutic plans. You will often write a visit note and you will follow-up on tests and xray results. You might also have an opportunity to see patients again during necessary follow-up appointments.

In addition to this active learning experience, you will also observe these senior clinicians at work. You will see the skillful interviewing and examination techniques of accomplished internists. Equally as important, you will note how the internist handles complicated patients, manages time, and interacts with other organizations in the present health care environment.

Your education will be supplemented by completion of a series of computer problems, by self-directed readings, and by a half-day experience led by the Division of Geriatrics here at UNC.