General Policies


Contact will often be made with students through e-mail. All students are expected to check regularly for messages on e-mail.

Attendance Policy/Absences

School of Medicine Absence Policy: Clinical Rotation Absence Policy Students who become ill or must be absent from their duties for any reason, even for one day, must notify their faculty and house staff preceptors, as well as the Course Director's Office. In the event of extended absences, the student must consult with the Director and Coordinator of the Clerkship, who will inform the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. A cumulative absence of two days or more from a four-week clerkship or three days or more during an eight-week rotation could result in a grade of Incomplete, Withdraw, Condition or Fail unless the absence is approved ahead of time by the Course Director. Personal illness, family emergencies, the Clinical Practice Examination (CPX) and the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills examination are examples of legitimate reasons for being absent. Weddings, visits to family and friends, and pre-purchased airline tickets are not examples of acceptable reasons for being absent from a rotation. Approved by CMPC June 14, 2006.

Outpatient Medicine Clerkship Policy: If illness or an excused absence leads to your missing more than 2 days, you will be expected to complete an educational project. In the past, students have done small quality improvement projects in the office with a presentation of the work or have given an evidenced-based slide presentation on a topic of their choice. Examples of quality improvement projects have included a sampling of breast cancer screening rates in different ethnic groups in a community-based practice or looking at anticoagulation rates achieved by a certain day post hospitalization. Whatever project you choose, it should be relevant to outpatient medicine and is due by the last day of the rotation. If you have trouble finding a topic, please talk with us. It must be presented at your site to peers/preceptor and then turned into Drs. Colford and Shaheen by the last day of the clerkship and will count toward your final grade. We prefer it to be in power point format with appropriate references. You will need to discuss ahead of time the appropriate forum for presentation with your preceptor. We would like to post your slides on our website for the future education of your classmates. We feel that your absence on the clerkship may detract from the education of your peers and so we would like to give back to them in a constructive way.

The end of clerkship exam will not be delayed if a student has an absence during the rotation. The student will take the proctored exam on the same day as the rest of the students in his/her block of the course.

All unexpected illnesses or tardiness should be reported promptly to your preceptor AND Carol Carden at 919 966-7776.

Professional Conduct

As you become an integral member of the health care team, your degree of interaction with patients will often equal or even exceed that of the more senior members of your team. Accordingly, you are expected to meet certain standards of professional decorum. You are expected to be present and on time for all conferences and patient care activities. You are expected to wear clean white coats and your UNC ID at all times. Men must wear shirt and tie; women should be comparably attired. Most importantly, you must always interact with patients, families, staff and colleagues in a professional and caring manner. Difficulties with appropriate professional conduct can and will be reflected in your final grade.

On Call

There is no requirement for overnight call for students during the medicine outpatient clerkship.