Medical Education Technology Committee (METC)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


In attendance:

Achey, Copeland, DeWeese, Gilliland, Handler, Kinton, Krams, Moynihan, Regan, Reid, Reisner, Schmidt, Stone, Woosley




To do's:

  • Communication efforts--website and drop box (Kinton, Moynihan, Achey)
  • Coordinate items with rest of University (Saltzman, Caldwell)
  • Talk to CC's about tech suggestions at beginning of meetings (Gilliland)
  • Connection with Pharmacy (Krams)


How do we process items/or come up with priority for topics to address?

  • In CC meetings, start meetings by first asking if any tech updates/concerns
  • Ad hoc input from faculty
  • E-drop box (w/text box)
  • METC website (w/e-drop box)
  • OIS Multimedia Lab to gather info for what is wanted
  • On website, have reviews of different useful software (possible "star" rating system)
  • Survey? (to let people know antennae are out again)
  • SOM news and announcements
  • Reading and discussing relevant articles (send to Achey--then discussed with Gilliland)
  • Info from AAMC list
  • Contact others through listservs


What already needs to be/is being addressed?

  • Integration of platforms
  • More "How To . . ." videos
  • Better partnering with SOM counterparts and main campus
  • Get more people to use what we already have to its fullest extent
  • Using Bomgar software for remote assistance (ex. fixing AHEC student laptops)


Some possible initial goals:

  • Help teachers do the teaching they want to do
  • Totally rethink how we do things . . .



  • Student tuition fund (was how Echo was purchased)
  • Manage each situation separately
  • Test out new technologies from companies/publishers--sometimes can get free software for doing (i.e. e-books)



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