2011-7-21 Meeting Notes

Thanks to everyone for their participation and interesting discussion yesterday (see agenda below).  I was particularly intrigued while hearing David Chesnutt describe his collaboration with Computer Science and the virtual human/patient simulator.  Matt, please let us know next month if you think there is potential for crosstalk between them and our simulated patient facility in the School of Medicine.  I was also very interested in all of your presentations on the sections of the Horizons Report.

The following suggestions were made regarding future activity/discussion for this committee...

  • Invite some course directors since staff outnumbered faculty yesterday.  OIS suggested this since faculty, along with students, form our user group.
  • Technology in the classroom (outdated projectors and too few wireless access points)
  • Discussion of HTML5 (Kinton to recruit Eddie)
  • Establish an ap list (HSL has mobile guide)
  • Develop a release for “SOM News” to describe the committee’s deliberations, to generate interest, and to recruit ideas

Suzanne suggested that many of you might like to subscribe to UNC’s “learn” list-serve which “keeps UNC-Chapel Hill instructors informed about technology-related professional development and support options and as a forum for sharing ideas and resources related to the instructional use of Internet technologies.”  It is easy to subscribe...


If you are interested helping out with the efforts above or if you have agenda items, please submit them to me.



Here is the library’s guide to mobile resources: http://guides.lib.unc.edu/mobile

It’s not a comprehensive list of medical apps that we recommend, but is instead a compilation of mobile versions for the resources that the library already subscribes to. We add to it as the publishers develop new and improved versions of their products.