Meeting Notes March 2013

Where: 1037 Burnett-Womack

3:15* – 4:15: Chris Hernandez, Cardionics

Chris will be demonstrating three related pieces of technology

  • Heartman Infrared Headphone  (and related software)
  • Simulscope III
  • SimScope Sthethoscope

This demonstration will show how faculty members can incorporate any desired combination of heart/lung/gut/bruit sounds into a simulated assessment using standardized patients (as opposed to presentation of fake results). Additionally, these sounds can be presented in the classroom environment to large groups of students via stethoscope, assigned to be studied and identified outside of the classroom, or used via assessment online (as a take-home assignment) or in-class.

Finally we will see how this technology can be used outside of the classroom and in the exam room or on the hospital floor. Cardionics products can be utilized so that teaching faculty may transmit any sound, presented by their patient, to residents or students shadowing that physician, ensuring that what the faculty member hears and describes to the resident/student is exactly what the student hears as well.

Chris will be bring equipment with him, allowing faculty participation in use of this equipment.


*We apologize if this presents an inconvenience to any faculty that may attend this event. If arriving at 3:15PM is impossible, please still arrive when you can to participate in this demonstration.


4:15 – 4:45 Nicole Shirk, CAE Healthcare

With the role of ultrasound growing within the healthcare system, we have asked Nicole Shirk to present CAE’s VIMEDIX Women’s Health Ultrasound Simulator. The VIMEDIX Woman’s Health obstetrical ultrasound trainer allows users to gain proficiency in skills associated with obstetric ultrasonography, including fetal ultrasound imaging, gestational age assessment and evaluation of the maternal adnexa. The VIMEDIX Women’s Health ultrasound trainer features a 20-week fetus with realistic fetal and maternal anatomy, a variety of fetal positions and both normal and pathology cases.

Nicole will be presenting her simulator, answering questions, and allowing faculty participation in use of the simulator.