September 2012 Meeting Notes

We will be meeting on Thursday, September 20th from 3:30-5:00pm in 238 MacNider.  Below is a link to  "The Horizon Report"  that we would like to discuss.

We looked at this report last year and it will be helpful to look at it again this year to keep up with the cutting edge in technology.  Knowing that we are all busy, hopefully we could share the load a bit.  Are there volunteers (two people per section) to read in advance a section and then give a 2-3 minute verbal description of your impressions at the meeting?  The goal will be to generate conversation.  Just group-reply if you would like to choose a section.

Mobile Apps (10-13)
Tablet Computing (14-17)
Game-Based Learning (18-21)
Learning Analytics (22-25)
Gesture-based computing (26-29)
Internet of Things (30-33)

Thanks for your participation!