June 10, 2014 Meeting Notes

Medical Education Technology Committee:


The focus of our June meeting (a roundtable discussion) will be "serious gaming"...


To prepare for the meeting: 

The following 2-page article may be helpful...

Games and Gamification.  NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education.  Pages 42-43.



What is "serious gaming"?

1. Games that are designed to entertain players as they educate, train, or change behavior (Stokes 2005)

2. Applications using the characteristics of video and computer games to create engaging and immersive learning experiences for delivering specified learning goals, outcomes, and experiences (De Freitas 2006)


Serious games  involve competition, goals, rules, a challenge, outcomes (measurable results), interaction (actions that change the state of play and feedback), exploration, fantasy, and people for collaboration.  Games also fit in with adult learning theory since there is a need to know why, one is in charge of his/her own learning, they are experiential, they are life-centered and problem-based, and so on.  


Serious games involve reality, meaning, and play.

Reality (domains): business and management, health, military, politics and society, public policy, safety and crisis response, science and education, etc.

Meaning (values): knowledge, skills, attitudes, assessment, data collection, exploration, theory testing, and so on. 

Play (genres): action, adventure, puzzle, role play, simulation, strategy, virtual world, etc.