November 12 Meeting Notes

Medical Education Technology Committee Meeting (METC)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
3:30-5:00 PM
Bondurant G030

Topic: Telemedicine


  • Please be reminded from this point forward we are meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. 


This session will be led by Brian Moynihan.  This is his description for the session:


Telemedicine is now being used to improve cost, quality, customer service and access to care. It has great potential, and also some potential drawbacks. In this meeting we will have a roundtable discussion about telemedicine that looks at the present and future of telemedicine, and how it can effect patients, practitioners, hospitals, and students. We will even have some telemedicine equipment on hand to examine.


Telemedicine brings up a number questions:

-How can it improve access to care? (rural areas, prisons, home-based care, nursing homes, travelers, team coordination, global health)

-How can it improve outcomes, by getting specialists to places that they otherwise couldn’t reach? (disaster areas, war zones)

-How can it lower the cost of care? (Less of a need for brick and mortar)

-How does this change how we view UNC Healthcare as a system? (hub and spoke model, beyond NC even)

-How does this change the role of the doctor in the future?


And most importantly:

-How can we prepare our students for the world in which telemedicine will have all of these impacts?


My hope is that we can use METC as a way of thinking about the future of technology and medicine in such a way that it helps us better teach our students to enter a world of medicine in which technology is increasingly not only a component, but a factor that is changing every part of what is done.