The founding chair of METC is an educator from MD program, and the role will rotate biennially among the 3 main educational institutions: the MD program, Allied Health, and the graduate programs. We have tried to have as much representation as possible from as many departments and backgrounds as possible while at the same time keeping our numbers manageable. In addition to the regular committee members, one or two guests who can contribute to the discussion will be asked to attend when appropriate.


Chair: Kurt Gilliland


Cadwell, Suzanne UNC ITS (919) 246-5402
Copeland, Jeri SOM Staff (919) 962-8334
Gilliland, Kurt SOM Faculty (919) 966-1912
Handler, Lara HSL (919) 843-6235
Hedgpeth, Mari-Wells SOM Staff (919) 843-9217
Jordan, James BME (919) 966-8077
Kinton, David OIS (919) 966-3436
Krams, Dale SOM Staff (919) 843-9370
McCulloch, Karen Allied Health (919) 843-8783
Miller, Virginia Graduate Education (919) 966-9956
Moynihan, Brian SOM Staff (919) 843-7106
Regan, Alison MD/PhD Program (919) 843-6507
Reid, Alfred Family Medicine (919) 966-4152
Reisner, Howard SOM Faculty (919) 966-4265
Saltzman, James OIS (919) 966-0896
Schmidt, Dennis OIS (919) 966-9900
Smith, Katie SOM Staff (919) 843-9380
Viera, Anthony MD/MPH (919) 966-0758
Woosley, John SOM Faculty (919) 843-1083