Welcome to the Rodent Advanced Surgical Models Core Lab (previously the Mouse Cardiovascular Models Core Lab)

Rodent Advanced Surgical Models Core Lab

This Core laboratory provides a variety of established and experiment-specific small animal surgical/microsurgical models for a broad range of research applications, with the primary function of meeting investigator needs.  The Core Director and Faculty Director together have extensive experience with mouse, rat, and other animal surgical and microsurgical models across many disciplines.  The Core focuses on murine models which have become a predominant tool for many research labs, though the combined expertise of the Core staff allows adaptations for applications in many other species, from invertebrates to primates.  The surgical services are flexible, from straightforward single-procedure surgeries (with return to PI labs for subsequent follow-up/analysis), to complete surgical/postoperative management and final analysis with humane euthanasia.  Approved IACUC protocols are in place for established models offered by the Core.