Standard procedures include heart injury models (e.g., LAD ligation/ischemia-reperfusion, trans-aortic constriction) and echocardiography, vascular repair/grafting/injury models, physiologic recordings (e.g., BP, ECG, pressure/volume loops, laser Doppler tissue perfusion, flowmetry), thrombosis/hemostasis assays, several types of organ transplantation and/or partial/complete resection, and many custom-designed models.  Microvascular repairs are achieved down to vessel diameters of 0.2 mm.   The Core Director will meet with PIs and/or staff and students to discuss model selection, development, and applications, as well as data acquisition and analysis.  Power analyses for group size determination can be done from existing data sets of the PI or from validation data established by the Core.  There are also self-service equipment offerings, which include ultrasound, microsurgical work station rental, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, and intravital confocal microscopy.

Rodent Cardiovascular Models

Transplantation Models

Thrombosis and Hemostasis

Custom-Designed Fluorescence Imaging Applications

Miscellaneous Procedures

Microscope stations can be reserved for PI/Staff use*

Leica Confocal Microscopy:  Core Service or used by trained PI/Staff*

* Contact the Core Director for details about these offerings.