Why UNC?

There are hundreds of Doctoral Degree granting Microbiology & Immunology Departments in the world. Why should you choose to pursue your graduate studies at UNC?

  • Faculty dedicated to training graduate students in all the skills that define successful, independent scientists.
  • Outside reviewers of our research and graduate programs consistently marvel at and comment upon the dedication and time spent by the faculty ensuring that our students become adept at conducting independent laboratory research, as well as writing grants and manuscripts, delivering public seminars, and developing teaching skills.
  • Collaborative atmosphere where students are encouraged to think creatively and to cross traditional discipline boundaries.
  • We are a diverse group of basic and clinical scientists, virologists, bacteriologists, immunologists, molecular biologists, and bioinformatics specialists, with an ingrained culture of openness where ideas, resources, and expertise are shared freely and naturally. This atmosphere is the ideal environment for students who want to discuss ideas and to engage in research that pushes past the conventional margins of individual disciplines.
  • Internationally recognized scholars.
  • Research funding has decreased nationally, but our grant support has consistently increased, a concrete indicator of the importance and respect ascribed to our research program. More importantly, the faculty of this department recognizes that its past and continued success is also a reflection of the talent, creativity, and dedication of our pre- and post-doctoral students.
  • Every student awarded a Ph.D. from our department has multiple offers to pursue post-doctoral training.







Most of your graduate career will be spent working hard in the lab and writing manuscripts in your free time. Occasionally you may find a day or two to poke your head out to see the world around you. It just doesn’t get any better than Chapel Hill. With close to 30,000 faculty and students in a town of 51,000 people, this is the ultimate college town with all the highbrow, middlebrow, and lowbrow culture you could hope for. Extraordinary weather and Carolina Blue skies dominate the year (except for that pesky month of winter). The Appalachian Mountains are a short drive to the West; the Atlantic Ocean beaches warmed by the Gulf Stream are to the East. Nice places for lab retreats.