Upcoming Events

All seminars are held on Tuesday at 9:30 am in 1131 Bioinformatics unless otherwise noted.


  • October 6 - Beth McCormick, Ph.D., UMASS
      The ABCs of Salmonella pathogenesis:  A roadmap for therapeutic development.”
  • October 13 - Kanta Subbarao, MPH, NIH/NIAID
      Pandemic Influenza Viruses: Biology, Transmission and Vaccines.”
  • October 20 - Qi-Jing Li, Ph.D., Duke University Medical Center
      “A microRNA with many faces.”
  • October 27 - Jay Kolls, M.D., Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
      “Th17 Cytokines and Mucosal Immunity.”
  • November 3 - Anna Marie Pyle, Ph.D. Yale University
      Recognition and response to viral RNA by the RIG-I innate immune sensor.”
  • November 10 - Susanne Wells, , Ph.D., Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
      Fanconi Anemia: rare insights into head and neck cancer susceptibility and progression.”
  • November 17 –John Kirby, Ph.D., University of Iowa
      Predator-Prey Dynamics Are Regulated by Specialized Metabolites in Soil Bacteria.
  • November 24 - Steven F. Ziegler, Ph.D., Benaroya Research Institute
      TSLP-from allergy to cancer.”
  • December 1 - Theresa Koehler, Ph.D., UT Health-The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
       "Virulence of the Anthrax Pathogen and the Role of a Unique Regulator in Host – Pathogen Signaling”
  • December 8 - Jennifer Martinez, Ph.D., NIH/NIEHS, RTP
      “LC3-associated phagocytosis:  Autoimmunity and beyond…”

Student Seminars