Upcoming Events

All seminars are held on Tuesday at 9:30 am in 1131 Bioinformatics unless otherwise noted.

September 5 - Micah Luftig, Ph.D., Duke University Medical Center, “A New Temporal Model for EBV-Mediated B-Cell Transformation.”
Host:Dirk Dittmer

 September 12 - Timothy Yahr, Ph.D., University of Iowa Health Care, “Putt-putt” functions required for expression of the Pseudomonas aeruginossa type III secretion system.”
Host: Matt Wolfgang

September 19 William J. Steinbach, MD, Duke University Medical Center, “Killing Fungi:  Harnessing new molecular strategies to ultimately improve patient care”
Host: Bill Goldman

 September 26 - Philip J. Bassford Memorial Lecture  - G202 MBRB
Joanne Engel, MD/Ph.D., University of California – San FranciscoChlamydia is a master cell biologist:  the secret lives of intracellular pathogens.”    Note location: G202 MBRB
Hosts: M&I Graduate Students

October 3 - Shonna M. McBride, Ph.D., Emory University School of Medicine, “Discovery of a host adaptation mechanism in C. difficile
Host: Rita Tamayo

October 10 - James B. Bliska, Ph.D., Stoney Brook University, "How Pathogens Counteract or Activate Host Immune Responses:  Lessons From Yersinia.”
Host: Bill Goldman

October 17 - Katia Georgopoulos, Ph.D., Harvard University, “Mechanisms of B cell differentiation.” Host: J. Victor Garcia Martinez

October 24 - Jacob Estes, Ph.D., NIH, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, "Characterizing and Quantifying Persistent HIV/SIV Reservoirs In Vivo."
Host: J. Victor Garcia Martinez

October 31 - Daniel Hawiger, MD/Ph.D., St. Louis Univ., “Dendritic Cells and T cells As Partners in Immune Regulation.”
Host:  Yisong Wan

November 7 - James A. DeCaprio, MD, Harvard Medical School, “Does Sunlight and Merkel cell polyomavirus target the same pathways in Merkel cell carcinoma?”
Host: Cary Moody

Canceled - November 14 - Raul Andino, Ph.D., University of California – San Francisco, " RNA Virus Infection and Evolution.”
Host: Stan Lemon

November 21 - Woodward Fischer, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, "The evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis.”
Host: Bob Bourret

November 28 - Rama Amara, Ph.D., Emory University School of Medicine, "Preventive Vaccines and Immunotherapy for HIV/AIDS.”
Host: Lishan Su

December 5 - Zemer Gitai, Princeton University, ”Bacterial cell shape and pathogenesis: how and why.”
Host: Matt Wolfgang

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