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All seminars are held on Tuesday at 9:30 am in 1131 Bioinformatics unless otherwise noted.


Speaker and Seminar Title


January 17

Carolyn Coyne, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, “Antimicrobial signaling at the maternal-fetal interface.”  Co-sponsored by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Helen Lazear

January 24

John Gunn, Ph.D., Ohio State University “Development and Maintenance of Chronic Salmonella Carriage: Biofilms and Typhoid Mary.”

Rita Tamayo

January 31

Martha Alexander-Miller, Ph.D., Wake Forest University, “Negative regulation of adaptive immune responses by Streptococcus Pneumoniae.”

Bill Goldman

February 7

Mary Klotman, M.D., Duke University,  “The Potential of Integrase-Defective Lentiviral Vectors for and HIV vaccine strategy.”

J. Victor Garcia

February 14

David Zaharoff, Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill, “The Case for Localized Cancer Immunotherapies.”  **Joint faculty candidate**

Roland Tisch

February 21

Jerermy M. Boss, Ph.D., Emory University, “Epigenetic regulation of B cell differentiation."

Rob Nicholas

February 28


Cheryl Kerfeld, Ph.D., Seminar rescheduled to May 9

Bob Bourret

March 7

Alexander Ploss, Ph.D., Princeton University, “Deciphering host range restrictions of human hepatotropic viruses.”

Lishan Su

March 21

Fitnat Yildiz, Ph.D., UCSC, “Biofilm formation: structure and regulation.”

Beth Shank

March 28

Ross Kedl, Ph.D., University of Colorado-Denver Anschutz Medical Campus, “T cell Vaccinology: what infections are not telling us about making better vaccines.”

Jason Whitmire

April 4

Robert Modlin, MD, UCLA, “New tricks for T cells: Antimicrobial mechanisms in tuberculosis.”

Jenny Ting

April 11

Manuel Amieva, M.D./Ph.D., Stanford University, “Microbial life on the epithelial junctions, how Helicobacter pylori finds, colonizes, and reprograms the gastric glands.”

Virginia Miller

April 18

Michael Fischbach, Ph.D., UCSF, “Small molecules from the human microbiota.”

Brian Conlon

April 25

Joshy Jacob, Ph.D., Emory Vaccine Center, Gene conversion and somatic diversification of immunoglobulin genes.”

Jason Whitmire

May 2

Mike Emerman, Ph.D., Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, “The evolution of antiviral genes against HIV and related viruses.”

Kristina De Paris

May 9

Cheryl Kerfeld, Ph.D., Michigan State University & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, “Diversity, Structure, Function, Assembly and Engineering of Carboxysomes and Other Bacterial Microcompartments.”

Bob Bourret

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