P Frederick Sparling, MD

Sparling, Fred

Clinical Professor

Department of Medicine

8341 Molecular Biomedical Research Bldg, CB# 7031






This laboratory studies the molecular biology of bacterial outer membrane proteins involved in pathogenesis, with a major emphasis on gonococci. A long-term goal is to construct vaccines. The short-term goal is to understand structure, function and regulation of these proteins. For example, recombinant porins are being used to study their vaccine potential.

Genes for iron-repressible receptors for binding human transferrin, lactoferrin, and hemoglobin have been cloned. Each is composed of two proteins, a lipoprotein and an integral outer membrane protein that belongs to the family of TonB dependent proteins. Each is dependent on a functional TonB ExbBD system, and is the product of an iron-regulated operon. A separate system is involved in heme iron utilization. We also have cloned a gonococcal gene for s70kD iron repressible protein (FrpB) that appears important to phenolate siderophore binding. All of these genes appear to be regulated by fur, an iron-dependent repressor.

Function of these iron-receptors is being studied in human volunteers. The transferrin receptor is essential for infectivity of a strain that is a natural lactoferrin-receptor deficient mutant.


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