Nelson, Ph.D., Julie

Nelson, JulieResearch Assistant Professor

11-141 Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, CB# 7295






Dr. Nelson is Director of the CFAR Virology Core Laboratory and supervises Molecular Assay Development. The Core provides expertise in HIV molecular assays, develops sequencing protocols as needed by other researchers, and tests compounds for anti-HIV activity. Dr. Nelson is also Associate Director of the Retrovirology Laboratory that performs virologic assays for adult and pediatric clinical trials in the ACTG, IMPAACT, and HPTN networks, as well as investigator-initiated clinical trials at UNC.

The focus of research in the laboratory has been trying to understand the factors associated with the transmission of HIV and from there, targeting ways to prevent transmission. We have developed methods of quantitating HIV in blood, genital secretions, breast milk, CSF, urine, and throatwash in support of multiple studies. These methods are used in studies of compartmentalization of HIV in the body, and to assess the effectiveness of antiretroviral treatment throughout these compartments. In addtion, we are evaluating new methods for point of care diagnosis of infants and virologic monitoring during antiretroviral treatment, and helping to develop a low-tech, inexpensive method of infant diagnosis.


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