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 Phone: During Normal Business Hours: 919-966-1530,


From points east:

  • Take 40 to 54 west toward Chapel Hill
  • Go 3 miles on 54 west and take a Right onto the US 54W 15/501S ramp
  • Merge onto US 54W, 15/501S
  • Go 1 mile and turn right onto Manning Drive
  • Drive up Manning Drive 1 mile
  • You will see the Dogwood Parking Deck on your left (entrance on East Drive)
  • Park in the Dogwood Deck
  • From the parking deck, walk uphill (west) and cross West Drive
  • Mary Ellen Jones is on the corner of West and Manning
  • Take the front elevators to 6th floor


Staff offices room 606 Mary Ellen Jones Bldg (MEJB)

MEJB CyAn, analysis computer, LSR II  room 618 MEJB

MoFlo Legacy room 616 MEJB

MoFlo XDP room 629 MEJB


Director's office:  602A Mary Ellen Jones Bldg

Nancy Fisher, Ph.D., Director - Core administration (919) 966-7812

  - Oversees core technical management, oversees LSR II maintenance and training, operates FACS Calibur and CyAns.  (919) 966-1530  

 - Operates the MoFlo Legacy cell sorter, LSR II, FACS Calibur and CyAns  (919) 966-1530

- Manages the BSL-2 cell sorting facility, oversees CyAn training, operates the FACS ARIA II SORP for BSL-2 sorting, LSR II, FACS Calibur and CyAns  (919) 966-1530

   - Handles any billing questions: (919) 966-3910

Shipping Address:
606 Mary Ellen Jones Bldg
116 Manning Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27599- 7290
Billing Address:
Department of Microbiology & Immunology
 6th Floor Marsico Hall,
Chapel Hill, NC  27599  CB# 7290