Forms and Documents

Sorting Request Form, Biosafety Form for BSL-2 sorts, other useful documents

Sort Request Form
Please email prior to your sort appointment. We are no longer accepting forms by Fax.
Bioharzard analysis or sort request form
Please provide this information to the operator prior to a BSL-2 sort or if using the FACSCaliber or Stratedigm for samples containing BSL-2 agents
Sort Calculator
Estimate your sort time and yield based on your starting cell numbers
Instructions for Downloading Summit Software
For FCS2.0 List mode file analysis on PC computers To download Summit go to and click on the "SUMMIT DOWNLOAD" folder in "Flow Facility" on the Locust server. We recommend downloading the folder to your computer and running the install on your computer even if you get the program by going through the network but it can be run from the server. Double-Click on the Summit file
Practical Issues in High-Speed Cell Sorting
Larry Arnold and Joanne Lannigan demystify high speed cell sorting
All about lasers
Howard Shapiro and William Telford tell all in this gripping article on how lasers work
UNC LSR II protocol
Set up to clean up
CyAn Manual
Sort Request Form