Using Analysers

FACSCalibur, CyAn, LSR II, Stratedigm

The analytical cytometers are available for use by investigators or their staff -Facility staff will also run samples at your request. Investigator operation is provided at a reduced rate but comes with the expectation that the users will make a serious effort to learn to use the instruments and software (see Training). The rules for investigator operation are:

  • For Research Use Only Flow facility instruments are available for research use only - no diagnostic use allowed - contact the clinical lab for clinical/diagnostic flow cytometry
  • Training Users must attend a two-part training class.
  1. Users must be trained by Facility staff - i.e. users can not be trained by other lab members. Users may have trained lab members run their samples but the instrument must be operated at all times by the trained user. This rule is primarily for the users' interest to make sure that they generate accurate data and also that proper care of the instruments is provided. The first part of the training consists of a lecture about the principles of flow cytometry
  2. A separate second part training session is required for each different instrument to be used.  If you do not use the instrument for 6 months or more you will need to retake the second part training.
  3. After you are trained, Facility staff will provide (by appointment only) help for a few sessions while you learn the instruments and software. This service is included as part of the training class and is at no additional charge. After several sessions if you still need substantial help we will have to charge you at the Facility staff rate for the time we spend with you (0.5 hour minimum and in 0.5 hour increments). In lieu of having Facility staff help you after the initial training (which must be provided by Facility staff) you may have lab members/friends provide this help.
  • Security Use your ONYEN to log onto the instruments and save your data on the server. Use your Flow Facility name and password to log into Users are not to share passwords - if you have a Facility password please use yours - if you don't have a password you need to take the training class after which you will be provided a UserId and password. It is your resonsibility to protecty your Flow Facility password and your ONYEN password.
  • Stick to your reserved time Users are expected to get off the machine once their scheduled time has expired. You are free to "negotiate" with the users who follows but if they insist they need to get on you are to allow it and will have to return later.
  • Cleaning Please observe the rules for proper cleaning of the instrument. If you have used a cell cycle dye (e.g. propidium iodide) at cell cycle concentrations (i.e. does not apply for viability concentrations of no more than 1ug/ml) you must wash the instrument with 15% bleach, 1% Contrad70NF, and distilled water. If you do not use a cell cycle dye you are required to do only the Contrad and dH20.
  • Shut Down Please observe the rules for when to shutdown the instrument. If you are finishing at any time and no one else is scheduled for that day shutdown the machine. If you are finishing and the next user is scheduled to start at 5pm or later shutdown the instrument UNLESS you know for sure that user is planning to show up -- i.e they have talked to you, they are waiting, ther is a note on the machine that they plan to use the machine.


FACS Calibur (room 613 MEJB) and Stratedigm (610D MEJB)- for analyzing BSL-2 samples

  • Additional rules apply for using the FACScan (see Biosafety).
  • The FACS Calibur and Stratedigm reside in  locked BSL-2 rooms. You will need to submit a Biosafety form before being allowed access to the analyzer.
  • We require a copy of your SCHEDULE F for any biohazardous materials brought into the core.