The Facility staff strives to provide our services in a professional manner. Please use our services to meet your flow cytometry needs. If you are having problems with operating any of the machines or software or have a question about why your sorts are turning out in an unexpected way please ask us to explain. Please be patient if you are having a problem on one of the satellite machines (Lineberger or Thurston). We will try to answer your question/problem over the phone but if we are all in the middle of a sort or serving other clients we will have to ask you to wait until we are free if it requires us to come to your location. Please be assured that your issue is important to us and we will deal with it ASAP.  

Nancy Fisher, Ph.D., Director - Core administration (919) 966-7812

  - Oversees core technical management, LSR II maintenance and training, operates FACSCalibur, CyAns, and MoFlo XDP cell sorter.  (919) 966-1530  

 - Operates the MoFlo Legacy cell sorter, LSR II, FACSCalibur and CyAns  (919) 966-1530

- Manages the BSL-2 cell sorting facility, oversees CyAn training, operates the FACSAria II SORP for BSL-2 sorting, LSR II, FACSCalibur and CyAns  (919) 966-1530

  - Handles any billing questions: (919) 966-3910