A priority mission of the Flow Facility is to educate users in the proper performance of flow cytometry experiments, in the proper operation of the analytic flow cytometers, and in the proper analysis of flow cytometry data.

Upcoming Training Events:posted on our home page.

To initiate facility training, we require users who wish to operate the cytometers attend a 2 part training course.

  1. The primary purpose of the first part of the course (lecture format) is to acquaint the users with the basics of how a flow cytometer works and, especially, what is going on inside "the box" when the user activates various functions. A basic understanding of how a flow cytometer works is critical to producing high quality data.
  2. This is followed by a hands-on small group (2-4) presentation on how to use the software and the particular instrument desired. A separate second part is required for each different machine (CyAn, FACSCalibur, LSRII) the user wishes to use. Users must be trained by Facility staff. Training by others in the user's laboratory is not permitted. Other training is provided in the form of protocols and tutorials in other areas of this website.
  3. Follow up sessions at the instrument are encouraged and included in the price of the training. Schedule with facility staff in advance to help set up your database and get familiar with the instrument. Only investigators with significant prior experience with the instrumentation may forgo this follow up session.

Part 1 of the training (a 2.5 hour lecture) is provided monthly (based on demand). The second part (2-3.5 hours) is scheduled with users at their convenience.

To sign up for the next course please email the Director: and include your name, onyen, PI name, grant number for charges (x-xxxxx) and your phone number.

To schedule the hands-on training, call the Facility at 6-1530 or email Evan Trudeau for CyAn training and Sebastien Coquery for LSR II training.  We will put you on the list for the next class.

Training Charges (UNC rate):

  • Introductory Course: $100*
  • Hands-on training $85

*We do not charge for 'refresher' classes or for UNC Principal Investigators with lab members currently using the core, but not using the instruments themselves.

Training for other aspects of conducting flow cytometry experiments will be undertaken in individual discussions with users. We are happy to provide consultation to Core Users and PIs free of charge. Our goal is for you to be successful with your flow cytometry experiments! In addition, there is useful information in the form of protocols and tutorials available on the website on the 'Useful Flow Cytometry Links'  and 'Application Protocols' pages.