Analysis Computer

The core maintains a stand-alone computer with a myriad of software packages for the analysis of flow cytometry data.

To analyze your data on this computer, simply reserve time for the Analysis Computer.
The current hourly rate for UNC investigators is $10.

- FlowJo X.0.7 - Comprehensive data analysis program for flow cytometry data. It will process large amounts of data from any flow cytometer. FlowJo advanced data analysis capabilities including DNA analysis and file merging. <TreeStar> 

ModFit LT 4.0  - For DNA content/cell cycle analysis. This is a versatile DNA analysis software, featuring AutoDebris™, AutoAggregates™, AutoLinearity™, and batch processing, database support and an intuitive interface. <Verity Software House>

- WinList 3D 7.1  Reads all popular FCS files, including data from CyTOF and spectral instruments. It also delivers great region tools, like color-this-gate-only for quick backgates. Easily design professional reports and overlays that update automatically. Create ratio parameters, equations, and alerts. Immuno-phenotyping, leukemia-lymphoma analysis, rare-event analysis, color gating - it's all possible with WinList. Includes automated V-Comp™ compensation, fabulous 3D graphics, and validated accuracy <Verity Software House>

- Summit 5.2 - This is the version of Summit used by our MoFlo cell sorters. Use this to examine your sort data. <Beckman Coulter>

- Summit 4.3 - This is the version of Summit to analyze FCS files from the CyAns. It will only analyse FCS 2.0 files, and not data from any of our other instruments. <Beckman Coulter>

- Kaluza 1.2 - Kaluza is a flow cytometry analysis software solution designed for high content data. Kaluza provides visualization tools, speed and an innovative simplicity to the flow community. Kaluza aims to provide a greater understanding of the data generated by modern cytometers. Kaluza employs technology that allows for real time analysis of high content files. <Beckman Coulter>

- IDEAS 6.0 - Imaging software for analysis of data sets from the Amnis ImageStream Imaging flow cytometer.  <EMD Millipore/Amnis>

- CellCapTure 3.1 - Analysis software for the Stratedigm cytometer. You can conveniently set up your experiment in advance and import the experiment to the acquisition station for data collection.  <Stratedigm>

- Gemstone - Uses probability modeling instead of subjective gating for high content analysis. Also available by request from Verity Software House