Beckman-Coulter (Dako) CyAn ADP
Three Dako CyAns are available to provide analytic capability. The CyAn has 11 parameter analysis capability - forward and side scatter and 9 colors of fluorescence using 405 nm, 488nm and 635nm excitations. The software providing instrument control and data acquisition for the CyAn is Summit running on a PC The CyAns are available for use by trained investigators/staff or Facility staff will run your samples. Biohazardous samples are not permitted on the CyAns. Any samples that potentially contain or are known to contain biohazard agents must be fixed. This includes human cells from any source.

Instrument Overview

CyAn Jones - 618 Mary Ellen Jones Bldg.                                                                  CyAn.JPG
CyAn LCCC - Lineberger 31-338
CyAn Thurston - Thurston 4132
405 nm, 488nm and 635nm excitation
9 colors of fluorescence

Possible Fluorochromes to Use (not inclusive):

violet/405 nm excitation - Pacific Blue, Pacific Orange, Live/Dead violet
Violet DyeCycle, DAPI

blue/488nm - FITC, Alexa 488, GFP, YFP, R-PE, PE-TxRed (ECD)
PerCP, PE-CY5, PE-Cy5.5, PE-Alexa 647, PE-Alexa 700,
PE-Cy7, PE-Alexa 750, DRAQ5, 7-AAD, PI

red/635nm - APC, Alexa 647, To-Pro3, FL5 - APC-Cy7
APC-Alexa 750

 CyAn Troubleshooting Guide

Link to Detailed CyAn Configuration