BD/ Cytek FACSCalibur

BD/Cytek FACSCalibur - For BSL-2 Analysis

A Becton-Dickinson FACSCalibur is available to provide analytic capability. The FACSCalibur has 7parameter analysis capability - forward and side scatter and 5 colors of fluorescence using 488 and 635nm excitations. The standard FACSCalibur has been modified by Cytek Development to add a better red laser and a 5th color. The instrument currently uses a PC computer for instrument control and data acquisition. The software running the FACSCalibur is FlowJo CE. The FACSCalibur is available for use by trained investigators/staff or Facility staff will run your samples. 

Instrument Overview

BSL-2 containment: lab coat, shoes, eye protection, and BSL-2 training required. Laboratory Schedule F and Biohazard Form should be sent to the facility director before using BSL-2 material in the core facility. Cytek modified FACS Calibur

Location: 613 Mary Ellen Jones Bldg.
488nm and 637nm excitation
5 colors of fluorescence

Possible Fluorochromes to Use

488nm excitation - (blue laser)
FL1 - (530/30) FITC, Alexa488, GFP, YFP
FL2 - (585/42) R-PE, PI, DsRed
FL3 - (688 LP) PerCP, PE-CY5, PE-Cy5.5, PE-Alexa 647, PI, 7AAD, DRAQ5

637nm excitation - (red laser)
FL4 - (666/27) APC, Alexa 647, To-Pro3
FL5 - (740 LP) APC-Cy7, APC-Alexa 750

  • The Calibur's two lasers are 30 mW 488 Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser and a 25 mW 637 red diode laser.