Beckman-Coulter (Dako) MoFlo

The Dako MoFlo was purchased and installed in 1997 as a state-of-the-art sorter at that time. It is still an excellent sorter and aside from not utilizing state-of-the-art fully digital electronics is still unrivaled in sorting capability. The MoFlo is equipped with 3 lasers to provide a number of useful excitation wavelengths. The primary laser is a Coherent Innova-90-5 argon gas laser. It is used primarily for 488nm excitation but is capable of other wavelengths notably 457nm which we use for excitation of chromomycin A3 for chromosome sorting and for simultaneous excitation of CFP, GFP, and YFP. A Spectra-Physics 35mW Helium-Neon laser producing 633nm is available for the red excitable fluorochromes. The third laser is a Coherent Innova-90 krypton laser. It is used for producing UV/355nm, 408/413 (multi-line) violet, 568nm, and 647nm excitation wavelengths. The MoFlo has an excellent cloning device for depositing single (or multiple) cells into multi-well culture plates from 6 well to 384 well configuration. The MoFlo can sort 1-4 populations simultaneously. The MoFlo is capable of high-speed sorting - for small cells (e.g. lymphocytes) input speeds can be in excess of 25,000/sec. - for larger cells input speeds can be up to around 10,000/sec. Actual speed available depends not only on size but other factors.

Instrument Overview

Location: 616 Mary Ellen Jones Bldg.
Laser Excitations: 355nm, 408/413nm,457nm, 488nm, 568nm, 635nm,and 647nm
8 colors of fluorescence simultaneouslyculture plate deposition - single/multiple cell
4-way sorting

Possible/Recommended Fluorochromes (not inclusive):

UV/355nm excitation - Hoechst, Quantum Dots

violet/408/413nm - Pacific Blue, Pacific Orange, DAPI, Violet DyeCycle
Live/Dead violet, Quantum Dots

Blue/488nm - FITC, Alexa 488, GFP, PE-Cy5.5, PE-TxRed, PE-Alexa610, PE-Cy5,
PE-Alexa700, PE-Alexa 750, PE-Cy7, PE-Alexa 647, DsRed

yellow/568nm - mRFP, mCherry, max FP-red

red/633nm (647nm) - APC, APC-Cy7, APC-Alexa 750, Alexa-647