Available Software

Registering for FlowJo site license and accessing other software on the Analysis computer

The Flow Facility utilizes and provides several different software packages on our flow cytometers and for data analysis.

For instrument control and data acquisition we use the following:

  • B-D/Cytek FACScan - FlowJo Collectors Edition (CE) - analyze data on FlowJo (see below)
  • B-D/Cytek FACSCalibur - FlowJo CE
  • Dako CyAn - Summit 4.3 (note: Summit 4.3 is not currently configured for Windows 8)
  • Dako MoFlo - Summit 4.3
  • Dako MoFlo XDP - Summit 5.0
  • iCyt Reflection - iCyt and WinList
  • LSRII - BD DIVA - note: DIVA generates FCS3.0 files which cannot be analyzed by Summit. You must use FlowJo, Diva, FCS Express or Kaluza to analyze data from the LSRII.

UNC Flow Cytometry Core Facility hosts a FlowJo site license:

- To register, contact the facility with the hardware address (physical address)  for the computer on which you wish to install FlowJo.  We will register your computer and send you the registration key to enter when you download the software. Download FlowJo at: http://www.flowjo.com/download/    Select 32 or 64-bit version. Find whether you have a 32 or 64-bit computer by going to Computer - System properties. 

To find your hardware address in Windows XP: open your Windows Start icon (bottom left of your screen) and select 'run' . In the window, type in 'cmd' and hit 'OK'. A command prompt window will open. At the prompt, type 'ipconfig /all'.  Some information will scroll down and you will see a section titled 'Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection'. In that section there will be a line labeled 'Physical Address'. That is your hardware address that we need to register you for FlowJo.

On a MAC, go to System Preferences. Select Network and then Advanced (bottom right). Select Ethernet and find Ethernet ID. For Wireless, start at your Airport icon or under system preferences, choose the Airport tam and find the Airport ID.

Join the FlowJo Community:  http://www.flowjo.com/stay-connected/


More software for data analysis

The Facility maintains an off-line computer for your use to analyze data. This computer has the software listed above for data analysis. All labs performing any substantial amount of flow cytometry will want software on their lab computers for data analysis. We discourage you from using the computers and software attached to the cytometers for data analysis as it blocks the instruments from collecting new data. If you do analysis on the cytometers you will pay the full cost of using the cytometer.

Summit is provided free to everyone. For instructions on how to download Summit and install it on your computer click here.

On the computer workstation ($10/hour) we provide:

  • FlowJo for analysis of all FCS files - required for LSR II, FACS Calibur, Stratedigm and LSR II data
  • Summit 4.3 - download instructions on previous page - for analysis of FCS 2.0 files only
  • Summit 5.0 - for analysis of data from the MoFlo sorters
  • WinList 6.0 3D
  • DeNovo FCS Express
  • Verity Software House ModFit (DNA and Proliferation analysis (e.g. CFSE))
  • DeNovo MultiCycle (DNA analysis)
  • Kaluza from Beckman Coulter - available on our analysis workstation. See staff for activation dongle.
  • Gemstone - uses probability state modeling from Verity Software House - analyzes cell progressions, rare events and abnormalities. We have several 'batteries' to analyze files on a trial basis without charge.

Other software to consider:

Verity Software House offers a reduced price on additional copies if you wish to purchase ModFit, Gemstone or WinList from them be sure to mention that the Facility has already purchased a copy.

FlowJo is available from Treestar Software. We have a site license through the core to share the costs. Please contact the facility director with your computer hardware number if you would like to register a computer in your lab to run FlowJo.

FCS Express and MultiCycle are from DeNovo Software.


SPICE and PESTLE for analysis of high content multivariate data sets. This is free software available for download from Mario Roederer's lab at the NIH. It must be run on Mac Operating System. You can get Pestle from: http://www.drmr.com/pestle.zip and SPICE from:  http://exon.niaid.nih.gov/spice

Cytospec, see www.cyto.purdue.edu/Purdue_software, complete with YouTube tutorials - FREE!!

Flowing Software (very basic) www.flowingsoftware.com

Cytopaint free download: http://leukobyte.com/cytopaint-classic/

WinMDI: http://www.cyto.purdue.edu/flowcyt/software/Winmdi.htm