Download Summit

The download site described below is only available to investigators at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

UNC-CH investigators: Please only download Summit from our internal site Do not get Summit directly from Dako

If you get the software directly from Dako you may get a version that we have not tested and that may not be compatible with our systems and your data. Your database can be destroyed!!!!!

NOTE: Summit 4.3.01 is the latest version
Summit 4.3 will run only on Windows XP or Windows 7, NOT Windows 8

Downloading Summit 4.x into Windows XP/VISTA Systems:

We are providing the latest version of Summit so that you may continue to use Summit on your Win XP Pro/VISTA computers. Note: do not run Summit on XP Home. You (or whoever you have install it) must have "Administrator permissions" on your computer to install the program. You must have "Power user" level permissions to run Summit. Please contact your IT specialist if you don't know how to assign these privileges.

To download Summit

Go to and click on the "Summit Download" folder on drive "Flow Facility" on the server. You should already have your drive mapped to \\\vol2\microbiology\groups. If not, please see our section on Data Saving and Transfer.
If prompted you will need to enter your onyen and Password.

  • Double-Click on the Summit file.
  • Window opens showing Summit 4.3.01.EXE file icon. Double click on this file.
  • Summit Setup/Welcome opens. Click "Next"
  • Answer Yes to Legal Agreement.
  • Enter Registration information - Name and Company" - required. Select "None" for "Instrument Type".
  • Enter Site Information - All fields required
  • Select default destination folder (recommended) or click "Browse" to enter a different destination folder for Summit program to install to.
  • Select Typical - Click "Next"
  • Select Components - (default recommended). Click "Next".
  • Backup Replaced Files - Select "NO". Click "Next".
  • Select Program Folder - Dako should be automatically selected (recommended) if not select "Dako" - Click "Next".
  • "You are now ready to install Summit 4.3" - Click "Next". Summit will install.
  • Click "Finish".
  • A "Summit 4.x" icon should appear on your desktop. Double click icon to launch Summit. There is a reasonably good help file so hopefully you will be able to find your way around the program. Use right click (within histograms, on axes of histograms, or inside regions) or left click in the upper left corner menu selection icon present on pages and histograms for other functions from context sensitive menus.


Summit 5.x on Windows XP/VISTA Systems.

Data from the MoFlo XDP is not compatible with Summit 4.x. To analyze data from the XDP you need Summit 5.x. Summit 5.x off-line will be avaiable soon - until then we will have to analyze data for you on the XDP. There will be no charge for this until Summit 5.x off-line is avaialble.