News and Photos from the M&I Symposium and Alumni Reunion

Great to see so many of you at our first M&I Symposium and Alumni Reunion on May 16th! Fifty alumni joined more than 170 students, postdocs, faculty, staff, and colleagues with current or past connections to our Department. The program’s 13 talks – six by alumni and seven by M&I junior faculty – were followed by a poster session that had 30 participants and an evening party at the West End Wine Bar. Friday’s events featured four more of our alumni participating in a Networking Breakfast and a scientific session (see program details at

Special thanks to all of our presenters and to all of the organizational help and support from Lynette Roesch, Tom Kawula, Dixie Flannery, Vijay Sivaraman, and the M&I Administration Staff. I also want to thank Virginia Miller for conceiving and organizing our partner celebration, the Carolina Biosciences Alumni Reunion; and Cheryl Miller, for spearheading Saturday’s 5k run to benefit NC DNA Day.

Enjoy the photos at the following link: M&I Symposium and Alumni Reunion - May 2013

Check out the UNC News article about the the event:

First ever Carolina Biosciences Alumni Reunion and Symposium held May...