Welcome, new 2013 M&I graduate students!

It’s that time of year when most first-year BBSP students select a dissertation lab and a graduate program, having completed at least three rotations. On May 23rd, fourteen BBSP presented their most recent rotation research at an all-afternoon symposium. Afterwards, department faculty and students welcomed them at a reception – many thanks to Michelle Palacios and the third-year students for organizing that event. 

Here are the new students and their current labs: 

Sarah Ahn (Abel lab rotation)
Denise Allard Trout (M. Su lab)
Brandon Anjuwon-Foster (Tamayo lab)
Kyle Arend (Moorman lab)
Jaime Brozowski (Tarrant lab)
Liang Chen (Ting lab)
Ting Fan (Hansen lab)
Laurel Kartchner (Cairns lab)
Vivien Maltez (Miao lab)
Jennifer McGraw (Heise lab)
Robert McKee (Tamayo lab)
Brittany Miller (Braunstein lab)
Lauren Rackoff (Swanstrom lab)
Alan Tubbs (Miao lab)