Megan Meyer to receive GEAB Impact Award

The UNC Graduate School has just announced that Megan Meyer, a graduate student working in the lab of M&I Professor Ilona Jaspers, is one of the winners of the 2014 Impact Awards. The Impact Awards recognize outstanding graduate students in a wide variety of research areas and are privately funded each year through the Graduate Education Advancement Board. Megan will present her doctoral research at a poster session and receive a plaque and cash award at the Annual Graduate Student Recognition Celebration at the Carolina Club on April 9 ( 
Previous M&I winners of the Impact Award were Kari Debbink (2014; Ralph Baric’s lab), Reid Roberts (2013; Jenny Ting’s lab), Aadra Bhatt (2012; Blossom Damania’s lab), Monika Schneider (2011; Jenny Ting’s lab), and Mileka Gilbert (2007; Barb Vilen’s lab). See a description of Megan’s dissertation research at