Sharon Rone retiring after 19 years in M&I

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology has lost one of their most dedicated and beloved administrators, Sharon Rone, who retired after 19 years in the department, and 31 years at UNC. Sharon has dedicated her career to helping M&I faculty – she first served as the chair’s administrative assistant, then moved on to be the human resource facilitator, and lastly she has been the grants proposal specialist for the last 11 years. During Sharon’s time as our grants specialist, she processed a total of 760 submissions and reports, which was an averaging 68 submissions a year. In addition, Sharon helped M&I faculty receive 393 funded awards, for a total of $164,234,216.03 in funding! Now, that is impressive!

The department is very sad Sharon is moving on, but we are thankful we had the last 19 years with her. Everyone wishes Sharon and her son the very best! Thank you and congratulations to Sharon for an amazing career and for many more years of success.