Welcome, new M&I graduate students!

It’s that time of year when graduate students, having finished their research rotations, choose both a laboratory and a doctoral program to complete the requirements for their PhD. M&I is one of 14 doctoral programs that are selected by students who have been admitted through one of two interdisciplinary portals: the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program (BBSP) and the MD-PhD program.

On Monday, May 18, twelve PhD students and one MD-PhD student will join M&I and embark on the dissertation phase of their predoctoral training. We will mark this transition with a symposium starting at 1:30 in 6004 Marsico Hall, featuring short talks on the students’ final rotation projects. At 4:30, we will recognize awards earned by current students during the past year, followed by a “white coat ceremony” for the new students, followed by a reception to welcome these students and their guests. Please join us and meet the incoming M&I graduate students:

Ashley Bone (Cotter lab)
Carolina Caro-Vegas (Dittmer lab)
Jennifer Eisinger (de Silva lab)
Susie Harris (Dangl/Shank labs)
Liz Mathias (Tamayo lab)
Chase McCann (Swanstrom lab)
Kelsey Noll (Heise lab)
Suzan Ok (Moody lab)
Andy Perault (Cotter lab)
Lauren Radlinski (Kawula lab)
Jedediah Seltzer (Dittmer lab)
Smith, Christof (Serody lab)
Jason Wong (Damania lab)