John L. Schmitz, PhD

John L. Schmitz, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Pathology & Lab Medicine
1035 UNC Hospitals

Research Interests

Two areas of research emphasis are molecular diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV immunology. The STD diagnostic work is performed in collaboration with investigators from the Center for Infectious Diseases at UNC and primarily involves assessment of the prevalence of STD’s in various populations. This work is conducted in the UNC Center for AIDS Research Immunology Core Laboratory that is directed by Dr. Schmitz. This core performs a variety of services to HIV investigators affiliated with the UNC CFAR including sample processing and storage, immunogenetic analyses as well as phenotypic and functional assessment of immune response. I also direct the Histocompatibility and Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratories and am Associate Director of the Clinical Microbiology/Immunology at UNC Hospitals. These laboratories perform a variety of assays for hospital and clinic patients with particular emphasis on immunodeficiency, infectious and autoimmune disease diagnostics and support of solid organ and stem cell transplantation programs.


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