UNC Microscopy Labs

UNC has great microscopy resources.  The facilities in this list are open, public microscopy facilities available to all researchers at UNC.  They all charge fees for service. 

Biology Microscopy Facility

Tony Perdue (director)

Email: tdperdue@email.unc.edu

Voice: 919-962-2795



Web: chanl.unc.edu/instrumentation
Carrie Donley (director)

Email: cdonley@email.unc.edu

Wallace Ambrose (Research Specialist)

Email: wallace_ambrose@dentistry.unc.edu


Hooker Imaging Core (HIC)

Contact: Robert Currin

Email: Robert_currin@med.unc.edu


Confocal & Multiphoton Imaging Core Facility

Contact: Franck Polleux

Email: franck_polleux@med.unc.edu


Directors of these facilities can help you identify other facilities at UNC that can be accessed on a collaborative basis.