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You remember how to empathize right? You should have covered this in Clinical Skills Development. Well, here's your chance to practice.

UNC Medical Students,

Without you, this program just doesn't work.  So sign up to be a mentor!  You got into medical school because you had great experiences and great mentors, so it's time to pay it forward!


The application is easy.  Got a name?  Great start.  Got an email?  That'll help.  We'll take them both.  Got an interest in helping out a pre-med who reminds you of yourself?  No?  Well how about someone more likeable?  Perfect!  We've got a long list of pre-medical students who are just waiting to be loved.


Fill out this form, and you're more than half-way there.  We'll match you up, using our highly sophisticated algorithms, with the perfect mentee!  The rest is up to you!


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